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Have a great idea but a long way to go?

We are here for you!

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We have an experienced team, intense experience, and an in-depth understanding of the path on the way to a successful start-up, and above all, we have extensive connections in Israel and around the world. 

Get to know us- we'll be happy to get to know you.


A great idea is good, A better one combines a great idea with the right work but the best idea is to have practical and accurate tools to turn your idea into a stable and successful start-up. Proper planning and understanding the market is the name of the game. Let us get to work!


Why cope alone when you can get lots of advice and tips? We have a lot of experience and we are here to help!

Helping start-ups grow quickly


A variety of problems, difficulties, and constraints face entrepreneurs on their way to turn an idea, excellent as it may be, into a sustainable, stable, and established business operating successfully in a super-competitive arena.

The success rate of start-up companies stands at 10%, hence 9 out of 10 start-up companies fail at some point in their activity or fail to return the investment to their investors. The reasons for failure are varied: market conservatism, weak need intensity, immature business model, competitive arena, disputes between entrepreneurs, wrong business strategy, and more.

EFI- Entrepreneurship Forum Israel aims to assist entrepreneurs in their long journey. The Forum provides high-level professional consulting services, initiates and produces professional workshops and conferences, which are offered to entrepreneurs at subsidized prices.

In order to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge they lack, to accompany them on their business path, and to form a bridge between imagination and reality, which can be challenging and unexpectedly difficult. The Forum's activities are not limited to MIT graduates and are open to all who wish to learn and get to know the entrepreneurial field, the tools and ways to establish a successful start-up with an emphasis on imparting entrepreneurial principles and providing a practical toolbox for everyone - regardless of religion, race, and gender.

Our tools are waiting Just for you!


EFI - Entrepreneurship Forum Israel programs teach entrepreneurs the secrets of setting up, cultivating, and managing a start-up company in a way that will increase the chance of succeeding in a competitive and challenging arena. There is no magic solution or a winning recipe - there are none, but from an analysis of many failure and success cases we develop in the entrepreneurs the understanding of the questions they need to explore: what are the terrain conditions, dynamics, and processes that characterize the dialogue with the market? Who are the financing factors, suppliers, and competitors in this market? What is the common vocabulary and practice in the field? How are roles defined in a company? And what about marketing?

EFI sessions sharpen understanding of the enormous challenges facing entrepreneurship and technology-entrepreneurs: analyzing existing and potential target markets and competitors, understanding possible market failures and preparing courses of action to address these market penetration failures, calculating costs involved in various activities, and forecasting cash flow. Special emphasis can be placed on dealing with the challenges of building a balanced and strong team and dealing with crises- the bread and butter of entrepreneurs in high-tech.


Our experience

at your service


Our work:

Technological Competition Against Terrorism by the US Department of Defense: A project with a budget of more than $ 400,000, in collaboration through which Israeli companies are exposed to important American customers, which inevitably leads to their significant growth.

Acceleration program in Arab society: EFI conducts activities in Arab society, to encourage entrepreneurs to integrate into existing start-ups and establish new start-ups, thus bringing to economic realization the significant capability of men and women from Arab society, who have difficulties Fully Integrating into the high-tech world.

A prominent example of this activity is the Acceleration Program for Entrepreneurs of the triangle R&D Center in Kafr Qara, in an inter-organizational collaboration of EFI and the Global Entrepreneurship Network in Israel.

Over the years, the Forum has held meetings, seminars courses, and counseling activities for significant Israeli companies from a variety of fields: Mirabilis (later ICQ), OmniVee (which sold for ten times the investment), Mind-CTI (the first Israeli company to be issued on NASDAQ And run by a woman), M-Systems (which developed the Flash drive and was eventually sold to SanDisk for 1.5 billion$). Among the graduates of our entrepreneurship courses are the entrepreneurs Yaron Kaufman (One Hour Translation is the largest translation company in the world), Amit Dror (Nano Dimension reached a value of 200 million NIS within 3 years of its establishment, and is traded in Tel Aviv and NASDAQ), Oren Boiman (Magisto acquired By streaming giant VIMEO for 100 million$).


Our Team


EFI- Entrepreneurship Forum Israel stands out in the entrepreneurial landscape thanks to its experienced staff, rich experience, in-depth understanding of the difficulties that entrepreneurs must go through at all stages of technological-business entrepreneurship, and above all thanks to the forum's extensive relationships with Men and women in high-tech, the food-tech industry and the technology front in Israel and around the world.

The forum's Board of Directors includes Martin Gerstel (ALZA was sold to Johnson & Johnson for 11 billion$), Amir Milo (Big Data Equivio was established in 2005, Breakthrough in its field, acquired by Microsoft), Dr. Shimon Eckhouse (Syneron was issued on NASDAQ and valued at 1 billion$) and Yishai Green (Onigma was acquired by McAfee less than two years after its foundation, Soloto was sold to American company Orion for $100million). The EFI Entrepreneurship Forum in Israel is led by Ayla Matalon, one of the first experts in Israel in high-tech entrepreneurship, angel investor, who has lectured in 5 continents and consulted to startups in 3.

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