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The US Department of Defense is launching in Israel

A competition dedicated to counter-terrorism technologies

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CTTSC3, a joint initiative of the US Department of Defense (CTTSO), the Israel Ministry of Defense (MAFAT), and the EFI Enterprise Forum of Israel, identifies and rewards the startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators worldwide that are driving the next breakthroughs in technology for combating terrorism. 

Over 200 startups entered the $220K startup contest, including companies from virtually every continent and technology domain.

Over 800 people attended our innovation day, where they heard from former US Senator Joe Lieberman, Deputy Minister and best-selling author Michael Oren, Major Generals (Res) Amos Yadlin and Isaac Ben Israel,  International Program Manager, U.S. Department of Defense, CTTSO, Adam Tarsi, Editor in Chief of the EFI Technology Review Gideon Lichfield, and a slate of other security, business, and technology luminaries, as well as pitches by the year’s hottest counter-terrorism and security startups.

40 breakthrough innovations exhibited and demonstrated at the innovation pavilion and simulated urban environment test-bed. 

The competition took place in two tracks:


Track 1

General technology track, which caters to startups in a variety of technology fields. Innovative technologies in this track include, among others: surveillance technologies, social media analytics, video and image decoding, cyber security, skimmers, robotics, personal security, information gathering, and explosives detection, water pollution and hidden threats.


Track 2

Urban Navigation Technologies track, which focuses on innovative technologies for navigating in an urban environment, without GPS - an issue that is becoming increasingly important for special forces, law enforcement agencies and other professionals in the fight against terrorism that need to operate inside buildings or other environments where GPS is not available.


We chose Israel as the place of competition due to the breadth, depth and creativity of the local ecosystem.

The best part of my relationship with Israel is the ability to find solutions that I would not find in my country. "Tarsi further explains the US Department of Defense's approach to developing win-win partnerships with innovative startups:" The scourge of terrorism affects us all; We can use the minds of startups and the power of their developments. At the same time, they can still enter the market, gain resources, and succeed in a market where their main customers, and at the same time - support the needs of the US and Israeli governments.

Adam Tarcy, Director of the International Program at the US Department of Defense, CTTSO

The competition demonstrates how governments are increasingly turning to the startup ecosystem, which is capable of developing and implementing innovation much more quickly and cost-effectively than the large security contractors that governments have traditionally worked with can provide. It also reflects the tendency of governments to move to adopting technologies from the commercial world, rather than developing new solutions from scratch.

The competition is a unique opportunity for startups in the early stages. In addition to the award amount, it provides exceptional exposure to the resources and requirements of potential U.S. government funding bodies, as well as to clients, investors, and partners around the world.

Gideon Miller , Chair of the CTTSC Competition
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