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Quantum Computing is on the cusp of changing everything – from machine learning to cryptography to computational biology and more.

Quantum computing is a type of computation that harnesses the collective properties of quantum states of atoms. Such harnessing of the statistical nature of subatomic properties such as superposition, interference, and entanglement this emergent technology has the potential to solve an entirely new range of computational and therefore human problems.

Moderated by entrepreneur and investor Armando Viteri (member of EFI management), we will have Brian Lenahan, Founder, and CEO of Quantum Strategy Institute, as keynote speaker.

In this seminar we will be hearing from the leaders in quantum computing hardware from established suppliers, but also fresh out of the labs at MIT and Harvard startup QuEra, as well as the Israeli, which is revolutionizing the development of quantum algorithms, helping teams synthesize quantum circuits that were previously impossible to create.

Brian Lenahan
Founder & Chair - Quantum Strategy Institute


How Organizations Should Ready Themselves For Quantum Computing

- What are the success tactics to prepare for the next generation of computing?

- What does 'hybrid' mean in the quantum context?

- What level of knowledge is required to make investment decisions?

- How can organizations prepare their teams, find talent, and structure external relationships?

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Nir Minerbi

Co-Founder and CEO at Classiq | Quantum Computing


Preparing for the next generation of quantum computers

 - What are the opportunities that the next generation of more powerful quantum computers bring?

 - What are the challenges associated with working with them?

 - Can existing methods of quantum software development scale to take advantage of these opportunities?

 - What are new approaches to designing quantum algorithms?

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Alex Keesling

CEO, QuEra Computing Inc.


Useful quantum advantage through co-developing hardware and applications

- What are the opportunities and limitations of current technologies?

- How can we develop useful algorithms for the near future that leverage the limited quantum resources available?

- How can we accelerate the progress of technology development by co-developing hardware, software, and algorithms?

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