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15.07.20 | 18:00 (Israel time)

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Our Partners

FemTech project is supported by POWER “Providing Opportunities for Women’s Economic Rise”. 

POWER connects the U.S. private sector with U.S. overseas missions to help women business leaders in the U.S. and abroad develop partnerships in emerging markets that help them explore new opportunities and implement competitive strategies in key sectors.

In 2019, the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs launched a new State Department initiative to promote women’s economic empowerment called POWER.  The initiative leverages diplomatic resources to promote women in business and works with the private sector to establish professional networks and business environments focused on promoting women’s economic empowerment in a global context. To partner or learn more, please contact us at

How POWER promotes women’s economic empowerment to advance U.S. economic interests:

  • Overseas engagements

  • Economic dialogues

  • The POWER Challenge

  • Utilizing technology to develop professional networks


More information:

Empowering Women to Reach New Heights


We Stand with Women Entrepreneurs

Globally, women's entrepreneurship rates are growing and making waves. Yet women still face challenges when accessing funds, and statistically request smaller loans and less capital. At DiscounTech, we aim to improve women's access to financing solutions, increasing their cash runway in order to achieve higher valuations. We are now offering MITEF applicants and participants:


1-on-1 Consulting Jump Start Session

We understand that the next great tech business takes time to become profitable and needs an agile banking partner. That’s why we’ve developed a personal approach to assessing your business/market potential and providing you with the credit flexibility needed to get you where you need to be. During this session, our expert advisor will layout unique financing solutions tailored to your business that will help fuel your growth.



Opening Account Benefits Package

When you open an account with us, you'll receive benefits of up to 80% on foreign transaction fees and digital payments, as well as favorable FX rates.


Connect with us:


Lori Almouli-Confino


Lori Almouli-Confino brings with her over 30 years of extensive experience as an associate and partner at prominent law firms in the US and Israel. Lori recently joined Efrati Galili Confino & Co. as its first female managing partner, making it a unique "full circle" event for Lori, who conducted her internship with the firm nearly three decades ago.

Lori is a well-known and highly respected attorney in the high-tech and biotech industries, and has represented many companies led by women or addressing needs of women's health. Maintaining a clear view of all the shades and nuances that make up this complex world, Lori brings practical business sense to corporate and commercial transactions. She has over three decades of experience in corporate and commercial transactions with an emphasis on venture capital and private equity investment transactions, alongside extensive expertise guiding and advising entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups from first seed financing, via a full range of day-to-day legal services through to the acquisition, merger or initial public offering and beyond.

She also has valuable experience assisting entrepreneurs and start-up companies as they enter their respective markets, representing technology-rich companies in their mature stages, including an extensive practice in intellectual property transactions and the interaction of Israeli companies with their off-shore affiliates and multinational companies, including complex joint venture and marketing agreements, strategic collaborations and intercompany agreements.

Lori is an active member of her community, advocates for women’s involvement in leadership roles in high-tech and biotech industries, and she contributes by being an active board member on Ort Israel's board of directors.

Lori represent clients in a myriad of industry sectors, including life sciences, healthcare, diagnostics, medical device, agro-tech, clean-tech, 3D printing, cyber and homeland security, imaging, private and public companies.


More information and contact:

Heidi Brun Associates

How Heidi Helps Entrepreneurs


Heidi heads her own award-winning boutique patent firm, Heidi Brun Associates (HBA), specializing in the preparation and prosecution of high-quality patents.

The main fields of HBA are the hi-tech (including software, hardware, electronics, semiconductors and communications), mathematics and mechanical fields, although it has also successfully obtained patents for clients in other disciplines.

What sets HBA apart from the others is the individual attention throughout the journey from the initial idea to the issued patent. This makes its services ideal for entrepreneurs who may have business acumen and a fine idea or prototype but who may not have prior knowledge of how the patent world works.  The company’s aim is to make the process as streamlined as possible, ironing out any difficulties, whether technical or procedural.

When it comes to drafting, Heidi and her team know how to explain the client’s idea, sometimes better than they do. Based on the client’s information drawn from several discussions, drawings and drafts are made, showing the inventiveness of the product. This is the basis of the patent application and of the claims. These discussions are valuable since apart from being the basis of the full application, they often help organize inventor’s thoughts. After filing the application, HBA tackles the examination process and once the patent is allowed, handles all aspects of issue and the annual renewal procedures.

For clients already owning patents, HBA offers portfolio management. They analyze issues that affect the entire portfolio, rather than on a case-by-case basis, whilst ensuring that renewal and other deadlines are met. They also excel at technical and administrative problem-solving so that your portfolio runs smoothly.  This includes helping client's budget by providing an analysis of past, present and future (expected) projects.

In short, HBA is there for the entrepreneur from start to finish.


More information and contact:



IBI Tech Fund


Building and incentivizing its workforce is critical to the ability of any start – up to develop and maintain the entrepreneurial spirit of key employees.

IBI Capital is Israel's top equity compensation scheme management company. We provide services to over 1,500 local and international companies, both public and private, managing equity compensation schemes for over 100,000 people. From the initial stage of escrow management to the first options plan and then exit, we are true specialists and will give your workforce the best service possible.  We also provide, through our subsidiary S-Cube, valuation services to ensure your employee reward plans comply with international accounting standards.


More information:



The MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel has chosen Brainnu House of Creative to lead the marketing strategy & digital campaign of the "She Entrepreneurs" project.


As the only all-women creative house in Israel, supporting and promoting women in various ways is part of Brainnu's DNA. Selecting Brainnu for this project was only natural, as the matter is near and dear to them on both personal and professional levels.


Led by a team of talented, visionary and daring women, Brainnu works and cooperates with some of the top local & international brands and is accredited for many creative and digital projects for leading organizations around the globe.


More information:

Yafit Barak
Founder and Managing Director, Yafit Barak & Co.


With over 15 years of international business development experience, Yafit consults leading law firms, patent attorneys, accountants, technology and venture capital companies operating in the US and EMEA. Yafit specializes in planning business strategy, formulating marketing plans and creating commercial collaborations, conferences, and events. Yafit holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance.


More information:

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Join us for a talk about the world of #FemTech and the 
tremendous contribution of women to the global economy.

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